In this section you will find a list of resources which I use and recommend to help create my presentations with. On top of this you will also find a list of resources which I have used to create this website and run my online business.

Like many online business owners I believe in transparency on the web. With that in mind, I will make an affiliate earning from the following links. If you want you can learn more about our (insert affiliate link here).

Soft resources

MS PowerPoint

The staple of any good presentation and the very reason for our existence. A key tool in every trainer’s toolbox. Pt.o really would not be here without powerpoint. It is now synonymous with presentations.

But Powerpoint is much more than just a tool to create presentations. You can create great icons really easily. I have designed and written e-books using powerpoint. I use powerpoint for writing pdf documents.

The design capabilities that powerpoint offers is what sets this apart from all other presentation software.

Yes it does have to be purchased as part of an office bundle but you are getting excel and Outlook.  But the price alone is worth it for just PowerPoint. You can find out more on the office homepage.


To really make your PowerPoint’s come alive you need to have a good source of images and graphics. The majority of the time I will try and create my own graphics. However I do not always have the time. FreePik is always there to help me out when I need a graphic.

FreePik is a community of graphic designers from around the world. They upload their designs for all to use. What is even better is that FreePik is free. All you have to do is credit the author in your work.

There is a premium option which allows you to use the graphics without crediting the author and it also gives you access to a larger range of graphics.

You can find more out more by just going to FreePik’s website.

Adobe Suite

The Adobe suite is not essential but it is something that I use a lot of when creating my PowerPoint’s.  I mainly use Illustrator for creating scalable vector graphics.  Or for editing graphics I have downloaded from

I use Photoshop and Lightroom for editing photos that are to be used in my PowerPoint’s.

Adobe suite is quite expensive so it is not for everyone and there are plenty of free and cheaper alternatives out there. The reason why I use Adobe suite relates to the time I have put into it to learn how to use it. It can be quite difficult to learn a program like this. And I also love it’s simple user interface. The Adobe customer services team are also great.

You can find more about the Adobe suite by visiting the Adobe hompage.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe captivate is a tool which is very similar to PowerPoint however Adobe captivate really comes into its on when designing material for responsive media and e-learning programs. Adobe Captivate is my go to tool when I want to create a quiz or assessment. I can then zip the files and upload straight to any LMS (Learning Management Software) of my choosing.

You can find more about the Adobe Captivate buy going to the Adobe Captivate page.


Unsplash is a great website for stock images and is my go to when I need an image. They have a large database of searchable images and they add 10 new images every day. This is my one stop shop for high quality images each and every time I need one.

All you have to do s download and insert into your presentation where ever you want.

You can find more about the Unsplash by going

Hard tools


One of three devices which I have with me no matter where I go. I use my laptop for everything. I am currently running an Acer aspire S3 ultrabook. It is light, fast and does everything I ask of it.

I use my laptop for working on the go, working at home, I use it in work too. It runs MS office without any hassle. It can run multiple windows again one time, which is really useful. It runs Adobe fine however it does struggle if I have more than one open at one time so I usually just use Illustrator at the moment.


Samsung galaxy tab A is what I am currently using for a tablet. Again it is always in my bag and I love it. Although I carry my laptop with me everywhere I go, the tablet offers speed and ease of use. I use it mainly for research and writing. And playing the odd mobile game when I need a little break.

With Google Drive and MS One drive I can write anything on the go. I can take notes, write short paragraphs, in fact I have wrote entire blog posts from my tablet.


These days everybody has a smartphone, whether they be Apple, Samsung or Google. Here at we are no different. Where we use laptops and tablets for post creation we use smartphones to research for posts, communication amongst the team, looking after our social media exploits. The list does not end here. we would be lost without our smartphones.I am and always have been a pure Google fan so naturally I have an Android device. I find Google Drive integration great and it makes it easy for us to share documents and work together.

I currently use an LG Nexus 5X. I love the vanilla android experience.