How to use Zoom – new PowerPoint feature

How to use Zoom – new PowerPoint feature

Welcome back to PowerPoint Training Online. Our latest PowerPoint tutorial is on zoom. A new feature recently added to PowerPoint 2016. To get access to this incredible new feature, make sure you have a subscription to Office 365 and that PowerPoint is updated to latest and greatest version.

What is Zoom

Zoom is a feature that allows you to create dynamic content within your slide deck. This opens a world of possibilities for everyone. Recently, PowerPoint Training Online published an article ‘Why you should be creating dynamic content. This article talked about why you should be creating dynamic content. It looked at things like human attention span, audience interaction and the flow of conversations.

Zoom is a new tool that allows you to create that dynamic content. It allows you to jump around your presentation in a way that suits you and your audience. You can go to specific slides, sections or portions of your presentation without destroying the flow of it. It will allow you to skip sections, cover sections later without having to scroll past sections.

The ‘How to use Zoom’ video


Another day and another tutorial completed. Thank you for watching today. I hope you found it useful.

Zoom, in my opinion has changed the way everybody is going to create presentations going forward. We are all going to be creating dynamic content that allows us to truly keep our audiences engaged. And once people are engaged they will walk away with the key message. It is up to us as presenters to make sure we are getting the right messages across.

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