Why you should be using shadows in PowerPoint

When you create, it is always the small little things that make the work extra special. They may not be stand out features but without them, any work of art can look bland and boring. The same goes for PowerPoint slides. It is the little details that will make your content standout. With the use of shadows you can start to create awesome looking content with very little effort.

One of the simple beauties of using shadows is that there are so many different styles that you create. PowerPoint does have a shadow tool installed making it even easier to create shadows. But if you want to create your own shadows it is as simple as learning the alphabet. You can have different colours, different shades, different sizes, there is just so much you can do to really make your objects pop from the slide.

 Why you should use shadows in PowerPoint Video

In this video we look at using the shadow tool. We also look at using shapes to create custom shadows. In this video tutorial you will also use the transparency feature for customising shapes.

There you have it folks. You can see from the video above how easy it is to create and use shadows in PowerPoint. You will now have the power to go and make your own images and objects stand out from the slide. Remember it is the small things that will make the biggest differences to your slide deck.

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