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How to use design ideas in PowerPoint 2016

Using Design Ideas in PowerPoint 2016

In my honest opinion, I feel that Office 2016 has been the best iteration of office, period. Whether you use Word, Outlook, Excel or PowerPoint. There are so many excellent new features in each program.

But I am here to talk about PowerPoint. Within PowerPoint I want to talk about one of the newest features in PowerPoint 2016 and that is Design Ideas.

What is Design Ideas

There are many ways of describing design ideas but my favourite is ‘Design ideas is a way of saving time while still creating beautiful presentations’.

There is nothing more which I could say that would improve on that.

Design ideas will help you lay out objects, images and text. PowerPoint will take the work out of having to arrange these objects. Whether you are not a very creative person or if you could just do with a little bit more time. Design ideas is for everybody. Beginners and experts alike.

I have been known to spend anywhere up to three to four’s creating just one slide for a presentation. A slide may have only a couple of words but when I build a slide I am always using shapes and images which help to get my point across. On some slides, I also create misted backgrounds or textures and patterns from start to finish.

Design ideas takes care of that for me a lot of the time these days, cutting down the time which I spend creating. This allows me more time to research, deliver or even enjoy the things I love in life.

How to use Design Ideas

The following video will show you exactly how to use Design Ideas.


Why you should use Design ideas

As I mentioned before you should be using Design ideas when you want to have a presentation that looks smooth and clean. But at the same time looks like you have spent a long time creating without putting in the work.

Design ideas is great when you want to work with charts and graphs, images and objects.

It is best to play around with it and see how what PowerPoint creates designs your slide for you.

That’s all folks

That is all for today ladies and gentlemen, as always thank you for joining us today. I hope you learned something new.  If you did then please share this with somebody who you think might find it useful. You can also find more videos like this on our YouTube channel or over on the PowerPoint Tutorials page.

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