How to save a PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow

How to save a PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow

Save a presentation as a slide show

Welcome back to PowerPoint Training Online. Today our PowerPoint Tutorial is ‘How to save a PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow’.

Before we go any further, I want to tell you a recent experience I had.

I was designing and writing a piece that was to be used as part of an online training module. The candidates would go through a presentation that would help them answer questions at the end of the slide show. It was all automatic, I set up the presentation with animations and transitions. I had a video to be played and there were multiple GIF files in the slide show.

Usually when I design e-learning content I will use a SCORM course or a PDF, depending on what is required. This time SCORM was not an option and neither was a PDF due to having moving components in the slide show.

I was wracking my brain for a few hours trying all sorts of different approaches, then it hit me. I knew I wanted to run a slide show and I was ignoring the simplest thing I could do. Save it as a PowerPoint slide show. This post today will teach you how to save a PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow.

When you save presentation as a slide show you get to view how the slide show runs when you present it. This is handy for many instances.

  1. Somebody has missed your show but they still need to see your slide deck
  2. You want a colleague to run your presentation but don’t want to share the slide deck or bother protecting the slide deck
  3. As in my case, create an online slideshow that people can run themselves

This is not a feature that everybody knows about let alone how to use. That was when I got the idea for this video. I am going to stop rattling on so you can watch the video.

The ‘ How to save a PowerPoint presentation as a slideshow ‘ video


After watching that video there is only one word to describe this handy little feature and that is easy. All you must do is press the Save As button and away you go. It only takes a moment but the returns can be huge, depending on how you wish to use your slide show.

One last word

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