How to use Morph in MS PowerPoint

How to use Morph in MS PowerPoint

Welcome back to PowerPoint Training Online. Today I want to show you how use one of the more recent additions to the PowerPoint program. Furthermore it is one of my favourite features of PowerPoint as it allows me to save so much time and energy. Morph.

Before we move on it is important to note that you can only obtain the benefit of Morph if you have signed up for an Office 365 subscription. You can easily purchase Office 365 here. 

About Morph

There is not really very far to go back with this feature. It was introduced with the current release of the Office suite. I feel Microsoft really hit the nail on the head with Morph. As mentioned previously, morph really does save you time and energy. Pre-morph you would have to create a transition, then use animations to move, resize and delete objects. You would need to have objects outside of the slides and depending on how many objects you had, these could easily build up and become lost amongst each other. However, now all you need to do is duplicate the slide in question, edit and move the objects of your choice and let morph do the rest. You will see how easy it is use in the video below.

Using Morph

As mentioned previous, Morph could not be easier to use. Just watch the video and find out.

Hopefully you have been able to see how easy morph is to use. Not only can you see how easy it is to use morph, but you you can also see the amount of time that you will save when creating a slide deck or presentation.

I really feel that Microsoft have done good this time. With features like this being added constantly to PowerPoint, why would not use this incredible software.

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