How to insert a youtube video

How to insert a YouTube video

How to insert a YouTube video

Welcome back to PowerPoint Training Online for another PowerPoint Tutorial. This week we want to show you how to insert a YouTube video into PowerPoint.

If you read our article recently ’7 Reasons why you should be using Videos in your presentations’ then you will already know the huge benefits of using video in your presentations. If you haven’t checked it out yet, do so after watching this tutorial. Hopefully it will provide some good insights for you.

Why you should be using videos in your Presentation

Just in case you have not read the article mentioned above, here is a quick summary of what it is that we discussed.

  1. Video is engaging – an audience loves to watch videos. Funny, serious or catastrophic. It does not matter. Video allows you to add extra content to your presentation without having to load lots of slides with images and text.
  2. Demonstrations – If you are pitching a product, yes you should have the product with you. But using video allow you to show your audience how it works in the real world. Even if you have gone for a little bit of californication in the video.
  3. Emotions – With videos you can create emotions that will not be found with words alone. Imagery will bring out emotions in people.

The ‘How to insert a YouTube video’ video

Thank you for watching. We hoped you enjoyed the video today and learned how to insert a YouTube video into PowerPoint.

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