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Extract video and media from PowerPoint

How to extract video and media from PowerPoint

Today, the PowerPoint tutorial is going to be focused on how to extract video and other media from PowerPoint. Let’s get going.

Recently I needed to share a video from a presentation. Usually I will have the video in the same folder as the slide deck. But this was an old slide deck. First of all, it took me ages to find the presentation. Then when I did find it I only had the presentation. I did not have any of the supporting files such as graphics and videos.

I loaded the PowerPoint, scrolled to the slide with the video I required. Clicked on it and prayed that I had embedded it, not just inserted in it. Yes, I did. I could only think of one thing, past Dave done good. I knew I was now able to extract the media I required. Allowing me to get it off into the big bad world.

The ‘How to extract a video and media from PowerPoint’ video

The trick I am going to show you in this video was made irrelevant in PowerPoint 2016. But it will be essential for older versions of PowerPoint. It will show you how to get that trapped media out of PowerPoint.


There you have it. Another PowerPoint tutorial and another day saved. As always if there is anything you would like us to do a tutorial on please contact us. We are always available on Facebook, Twitter and from our contact page.

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