Customize the ribbon

How to customize the ribbon in PowerPoint

How to customize the ribbon in PowerPoint

Welcome back to PowerPoint Training Online your home for awesome PowerPoint Tutorials. In today’s tutorial we are going to look at how to customize the ribbon.

The ribbon is the main toolbar that you will use when using any Microsoft Office program. You will see it across the top of the window. It is where you can access all the tools that you may need. But sometimes it can feel cluttered and confusing. So it would be nice if you could reduce the amount of tools available on it. As they are not all needed. You can see from the ribbon below I have removed the ‘View‘ tab.

The ribbon in PowerPoint

The ‘How to customize the ribbon in PowerPointvideo

The ‘How to customize the ribbon in PowerPointstep-by-step guide

Customizing the ribbon is really easy and will not take you long to do. But with our step by step guide it will be even easier. If you have been with us since the start of PowerPoint Training Online you may the how to change and keep custom fonts article. In this article we had to go into the options for PowerPoint to make a change. We will be going into the same options this time to help customize the ribbon.

Step One:

Open PowerPoint. from any slide press the File button. This will bring you to the PowerPoint menu options. You will find slide in the top left hand corner of the ribbon.


Step Two:

Now that the file page is opened you will see options such as

  • New
  • Save
  • Print
  • Close

All of these options are useful but not what we want right now. Click on the button called ‘options‘.


Step Three:

You have pressed File. You will now see a pop up box on your screen. This will¬† be titled ‘PowerPoint Options‘. This box will allow you to change settings that are relevant to PowerPoint. These settings will include but are not limited to

  • AutoCorrect options
  • Save options
  • Language settings
  • Cut, copy and paste settings

But the one that we want now is ‘Customize Ribbon‘. It is this setting that will allow us to customize our ribbon just the way we want it. Press ‘Customize Ribbon‘¬†and you will be brought to the ribbon options screen.

custom ribbon

Step Four:

Fromm this menu we can add and remove options to the ribbon as we see fit. You will notice that the screen is split into two sections.

The left side has a list of commands, these are all of the commands that you can find in PowerPoint. It will be set to Popular Commands, you can change this by pressing the drop down arrow. You can then choose from

  • Popular Commands
  • Commands Not In the Ribbon
  • All Commands
  • File Tab
  • All Tabs
  • Main Tabs
  • Tool Tabs
  • Custom Tabs and Groups

It is this side that you will being adding commands from.

The right hand side contains commands that are currently on the ribbon. It is set to All Tabs o start but you can chose that if you wish. The options are

  • All Tabs
  • Main Tabs
  • Tool Tabs – This is the tab you see when you press on a picture or object. It is usually labelled ‘Format

To add a new option to the ribbon, select an item from the left hand column. The press the ‘Add‘ button.

To take an option from the ribbon all you need to do is select the option from the column on the right, then press the ‘Remove‘ button.

You also have have the option of adding new tabs and resetting the ribbon to default.There is an option for importing or exporting the customized ribbon which can help save you time customizing the ribbon in PowerPoint on another computer.

Once you are happy with the options on your ribbon press the OK button. All changes will be saved.


It is important to note that any changes you to make to the ribbon in that PowerPoint presentation are being made to PowerPoint itself. This means every time you open any PowerPoint Presentation whether old or new, the ribbon will have your customized look to it.

Remember this is not a must do when you use PowerPoint all the time. Sometimes it is just nice to clean up and have less distractions when working.

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