Hey there, welcome to PowerPoint Training Online My name is David and I am here to tell you a little bit about PowerPoint Training Online.

About PowerPoint Training Online

Picture this, you are sitting in a nice hotel, in a conference room. You work for a really big company and every year they hold an annual meeting on how well they are doing and that you have played a pivotal part in it. You are sat there beside your team, and other teams you have probably never met before or only ever see at the annual conference.

All you can think of is that ice cold beer waiting for you at the bar but instead you are sitting there, trying not to fall asleep as someone from head office reads sales figures from a super sized screen with ineligible writing because it so small because they had to fit every single word in the dictionary onto it.

And that is what PowerPoint Training Online are here for. We want to make sure presentations are no longer boring and depressing. We want fun, we want good design, we want no more 'Death by PowerPoint'.

PowerPoint Training Online are here to help you design presentations that will keep audiences captivated, engaged and awake.

The best place to get started is (Insert Link here) 8-step infographic creating your first PowerPoint.

About David

First let me say thank you for taking some of your time to come and check out PowerPointTraining.online. I really appreciate it. I realize how valuable time is, so I don't plan on wasting yours.

The reason why I have created this site is to help share the knowledge which I have gained over the years on Microsoft PowerPoint. Not only that, I also want to help you with your presenting skills and building a training deck. So although the site is called Powertraining.online, I hope to go into much more than just PowerPoint.

At this point you may be asking yourself "How are you an expert?" And that is a great question.

I believe in complete transparency. The word expert is not in my vocabulary. I know life is a long lesson. People grow, things change. I will never claim to be an expert however I do know what I know. It is that, that I plan to share with you.

In terms of my experience, I have been working as a personal development trainer for quiet a few number of years with a FTSE 100 company. I have been responsible for training hundred's of colleagues across multiple departments. Responsible for designing, writing and presenting for senior managers. I have created training decks and organised inductions for new starters into the company. All the time I was doing that , there happened to be one tool I found I was constantly using and that was Microsoft PowerPoint.

My aim with this site is to share my knowledge and to learn from others. Through the blog and tutorials I will discuss and teach what I know.

Through the comments and social media I will learn from you. So please never be afraid to pass on your knowledge or open a discussion.