Why you should be using Video

7 Reasons why you should be using Video in your presentation

7 Reasons why you should be using Video in your presentation

Today we are going to talk about why you should be using video in your presentations.

YouTube is the go to place for videos nowadays. No matter what you are into. Cats, fails, tech or even woodworking. You will find it all on YouTube. PowerPoint Training Online are even on YouTube. Cheeky self-plug, our channel can be found here.

Here are some mind-blowing facts* for you.

  1. 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute!
  2. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.
  3. Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every single day.
  4. YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day
  5. 2nd largest search in engine in the world (Google search is 1st)

They are some mind-blowing numbers. But why is YouTube so popular. The answer should be obvious.

It hosts video.

Why are videos so amazing?

Great question. There are numerous reasons why videos are so amazing and why you should be using them in your presentations. We are going to look at seven of these reasons now. Some may be more important than others. We have outlined them in a random order but we will tell you the important ones ?.

6 reasons why you should be using Video

1 – Let somebody else do the work for you

Giving a presentation can be a little bit daunting especially if it is not something that you do on a regular basis. So, take some of the stress out of it. Plan a presentation around a video so you are not spending the whole time talking or looking for the words to say.  Whether it is you or somebody else in the video. You can let the video do part of your work on the day. Think of it as delegating without having to delegate to another person.

2 – Breaks up the monotony of all the words on screen

I love reading, I love writing but one thing which I hate are words on a slide. And so, do most other people. We have all seen a presentation where the speaker has loaded a slide with words. Then they spend the next 20 minutes reading from the slide. Ignoring the audience, ignoring what’s going on around them. You are trying so hard to stay awake as you are lulled into a deep sleepy the monotonous tone of the speaker. It is not nice and nobody likes it. We recently talked about ‘Why you should be using graphics and images in PowerPoint’. The same rules apply for videos. If you must put lots of words within your slide deck, break it up with a video. Your audience will wake up. Just make sure you keep the video relevant to the topic you are talking about.

During my time as a personal development trainer I was responsible for delivering inductions for new recruits coming into the business. Some inductions could last up to 4 weeks depending on the role. I don’t know what it was like on their side but I know when I spend 4 weeks presenting I want to crawl up into a corner and cry. That was until I started using videos. I used video to break up the monotony, to allow people to take their mind from the topic at hand.

3 – Movement grabs attention

When our ancestors were walking through the jungles looking for the latest kill. They would walk slow and make every movement count. But they would also have to look out for movements from near and afar. And once they spotted movement they had to pay attention to it for it was either going to be a treat or a threat. If it was a threat, then they had to get out of there as soon as possible.

Those instincts have stayed with us to this day. Yes, the threats in the world may not be as real as they use to be but every movement will make a person stop and think. It will make them pay more attention. Using a video with moving an objects or people will always help to bring your audience’s attention back to the top of the room.

4 – Higher engagement

Audiences want see stuff move. If you are giving a presentation on your latest product or service. Showing the product in action will allow the audience to get a feel for it and to see how it works. How it makes people’s lives better. Some people do like to look at facts and figures, some people must look at both but for the average person they do not want to see this.

But why does video higher engagement levels. Simple people are designed to retain information better when they can put faces, objects or colours to the words they hear.

5 – Stronger emotional connections

No matter what your topic is. No matter what you are talking about, if you want people to listen to you. You must make them feel an emotional connection to what it is that you are talking about. Yes, you can do that by speaking to them and showing them pretty pictures. But let’s say that you are not able to get motivated about whatever it is you are talking about. Numbers can be quite difficult sometimes. Bringing in a video that helps to lighten the mood will have an endearing last effect on the audience.

Video allows you to tell a story. It can be difficult to use props and people if you are on a big stage but in a video, you can use all the space you want. You can have the camera up close and zoom in on the important things that matter. Just watch any major brands video advertisements. IKEA, Coca-Cola, Apple and Facebook. They all build connections through video with the power of story-telling.

6 – Communicates more in less time

Ted talks are some of the most popular conferences around the globe. And there is a very good reason for that. They have spent many years refining the presentation talk to be perfect. They expect every presenter to follow one simple rule. Every talk should be no longer than 18 minutes. Yes, that is it. 18 minutes is all the time you have to give the talk of your life. 18 minutes can be a long time or a short time depending in what it is that you are talking about.

If you want to get more information in you will then be asking your audience to remember more. Video will help them remember more and it will be quicker then what you can deliver it in. The brain can visualize graphical content and videos 60000 times faster than text. Use the video to promote one key message, use it to back up what you have already said. It does not matter.

7 – Stimulates two out of five senses

Based on cognitive research, scientists have found that video helps to stimulate two senses. That’s right two. Sight and Sound. Videos will help to make your audience make a connection between the words and images that are within the video. This will make it easier for somebody watching your presentation grasp the subject that you are talking about.

*Source: YouTube Press


The end is in sight

And there we have folks. 7 reasons why you should be using video in your presentations. We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful. Remember, I can stand you not using MS PowerPoint but please do keep your audience engaged. Use images, graphics and videos to make sure you are bringing your best slides on the day of your presentation.

See you all soon,


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