PowerPoint Slide Master

What is PowerPoint Slide Master?

What is PowerPoint Slide Master?

Welcome back to PowerPoint Training Online, where today we are going to help you save time and money. Today we are going to look at exactly what PowerPoint Slide Master is and why you are a fool if you do not use it.

What is PowerPoint Slide Master?

I would like you to picture yourself creating a presentation. You are using your company’s logo, you have added the special font which your company uses. On almost every slide you are splitting the slide up into sections but you always have a header section. To help separate this from the rest of your slide content, you have decided to use shapes and lines to make it stand out. You are five slides in and you realise that you have many more to do. A little groan escapes you. You don’t want to have to create every slide from scratch, especially when there is content on the slides that will be the same no matter what.

This is where PowerPoint Slide Master comes into its element. This handy tool lets you create template slides that you can then fill in later. You can add images, text even objects and shapes.

PowerPoint Slide Master allows you to make changes to many slides at once without having to repeat the work.

You also ability to create multiple slide layouts. This means that if you are using a lot of the same slides but some of them have slight variations, you can create these too and just select the right one from the layout option menu.

Why use PowerPoint Slide Master?

The reasons why you should be using slide master should be obvious. Below are the reasons why I feel it us such a beneficial tool.

Save time

In the example above, you can see how easily you can save time by using the PowerPoint slide master tool. I myself have saved countless amounts of hours. Especially when I am working on a big slide deck. I mainly use it to insert company logos and footers which I know are going to be on every slide. Creating multiple different styles within the slide master then allows me to mix up my slide deck without it looking the same all the time.

You can lock elements down

Not everybody knows how to use PowerPoints slide master, so when you want to look certain objects into place without them being moved by anybody else. Slide master will do just that. I find this great when you want to make sure that a company logo should remain in the same place on most slides, or you want header fonts to be the same size.

You can create a custom template

Not only can you use slide master to lock down objects and items, you can also use it to set the font and colour theme you would like to be used throughout the presentation. You can also set placeholders, this way you will know that anybody using your template will know where text, images and objects should go when they are creating a slide deck.

How to use PowerPoint Slide Master

You see the benefits of using slide master so now you want to get your hands dirty and use it.  Well, we have a great tutorial for that. You can find it on our PowerPoint Tutorials page or you can go directly to the article here.

Thank you for checking us out today. Don’t forget to reach out to us on Twitter or Facebook. We are always there for a chat.

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