PowerPoint is still effective

7 reasons why PowerPoint is still effective to use in presentations

7 reasons why PowerPoint is still effective to use in presentations

Is PowerPoint still effective when you need to deliver a presentation? Yes, we believe PowerPoint is still effective. In fact it has never been so effective.

PowerPoint has been around for a very long time. And it has been used in presentations thousands of times. There is a figure out there that says 30 million presentations are delivered daily. I am not one for spouting crazy figures and I will admit that it does seem a bit extravagant. But could you imagine the amount of people sat in front of 30 million PowerPoint presentations.

Yes, it is an effective tool but only if use it right. You would not use a hammer to paint a wall. Or hiking booths to run a marathon.

You should always use PowerPoint the way it is meant to be used. Follow our 6 Mistakes to avoid when creating a presentation and you will survive.

So far, I have only answered question loosely. Let’s take a deeper look at why is PowerPoint still effective.

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Why PowerPoint is still effective?

Lets look at some reasons why PowerPoint is still effective when presenting.

It gives you control

PowerPoint allows you to control the flow of a presentation. Recently we talked about the benefit of creating dynamic content. This is something that is great but there will always be time when you want to control the flow of the conversation, as you know which way the conversation should go. There is no point in looking at Z before you touch on A and so on.

You can also control the theme and setting for your talk. Using colours will allow people to see the importance of what you are saying. Using images and videos will help portray your message alongside what you say.

It helps to engage the audience

If you have a screen with a presentation on it. Then the audience will look at it. There is no doubt about that. But it is important that you put the right content onto your slides.

Having a slide full of text will bore your audience and stop them from listening to you as they will want to read as opposed to listen. Using singular words and graphics allows your audience to build a picture in their mind while you speak. Because they have a fuller picture in the mind they will remember it more.

It can make anything look good

Steve jobs, the master of presenting, always had a slide. When he announced the iPhone. He ran through three images before merging them into the iPhone. Steve Jobs could not have done this with the slides. He could not have done this with just words.

You too can make anything look good when it is on a slide. Pictures taken in the right light with the perfect shadows. Images photoshoped to bring out extra glare.

The only limit is your imagination. And not deceiving the audience.

Presenter view can help you

If you have a big presentation to deliver and you are a little bit nervous the presenter view can help you. Yes, you should be practicing your presentation before you deliver but you can still have some nerves.

With presenter view you can have the notes on one screen while you have the presentation on another one.

Making it easy to see quick notes every time you go onto a new slide. This will help to keep the sides key points fresh in your mind always. Preparation is key here.

It can keep YOU organized

Some people love to talk. This often leads to lots of diversions meaning they go well beyond their allotted time or miss key points. When you have a PowerPoint presentation you will be given structure. It will tell you what is now and what is next. PowerPoint will keep you on track.

It helps to visualize

When I was working as a trainer for a contact centre I use to deal with telling new recruits what types of calls they would get and how they would expect them to go. Saying this in words I could see it go straight over most people’s heads. But when I used PowerPoint to create a flow map. They were able to see the directions a call could take. Making it easier for them to understand the points I was making.

You can share the content afterwards

Having a slide deck makes it super easy to share your content afterwards. Your aim is always to get a message across to your audience. Providing them with a pack to bring away with them will allow them to skim over the contents. This will help them to remember key messages from your presentation.

When I create a training pack. I will usually create two PowerPoint presentations. One which I use to present, usually very limited in text. Very graphic and image heavy. And then I create a second presentation which is used to provide to the audience. This presentation will be made up of the same slides, but it will be very word heavy. This allows the audience to read what I said at any time they want.

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PowerPoint is as important as ever in the presentation worlds. PowerPoint is still effective. We believe so here at PowerPoint Training Online. Well, we would say that as we want it to be around forever. We feel that PowerPoint is going to be around for a very long time. It is used worldwide across the business world and the conference world.

What do you think? Do you think PowerPoint is still effective or do you feel it is dying a slow death? Please let us know in the comments below. Or reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

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