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Microsoft PowerPoint: 6 other ways to use PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint has been around for years. May 22nd, 1990 to be precise. There are millions of presentations created on a yearly basis. With the military being one of the most prolific users since its creation. It is part of the growing office suite so a lot of companies use the software. A lot of companies also use PowerPoint to put their staff to sleep. People have come to fear a PowerPoint presentation. I am sure you and everybody you know has the term ‘Death by PowerPoint’.

Here at PowerPoint Training Online we know that PowerPoint can be used in so many more ways than just as a presentation tool. Below is a list of six ways to use PowerPoint other than a Presentation tool.

Create Graphics

PowerPoint can create graphics and save them in PNG format. It does not have the capabilities of Adobe Illustrator or other professional design software. However, it can still create graphics. These graphics can be used in the presentation itself, or saved and used somewhere else. Some of the graphics you see on have been created using PowerPoint.

To see some examples of what can be created, why not look through some of our graphic tutorials.

Remove the background from images

Would you like to Photoshop yourself onto a sunny beach just to make yourself feel better? But cannot afford Photoshop. Don’t worry. PowerPoint will allow you to remove that dreary background. Leaving you with just you ready to paste onto your favourite beach.

Create a PDF document

As with other MS Office software you have the option of saving a PowerPoint to a PDF. This will allow the creation of beautiful looking forms that can be printed and filled out. All the while, nobody can alter your work.

Saving to PDF also allows you to lock down your content. Finally, no surprise changes by a cheeky team mate.

Create an E-book

The ability of saving a PowerPoint to PDF then opens the ability to create a stunning and beautiful e-book. Once you have created your e-book. You can then give it away as part of a promotion, provide it to your most loyal followers or even sell it on Amazon. How cool is that.

Edit pictures

Insert an image into PowerPoint. Open the format tab and away you go.

PowerPoint allows you to add artistic effects such as pencil sketch, blur photocopy. You can then change the level of transparency and the level of detail you want changed. Simple edits such as colour saturation, tone and recolour are also available. There are also tools to edit the sharpness and brightness of a picture.

Create Videos

The introduction that you see on our video tutorials was created using none other than Microsoft PowerPoint.

Add the appropriate animations and transitions. Then work on the timings from the animation pane. A beautiful animated video is created.

Microsoft PowerPoint: More than just a presentation tool

So, there you have it. Six ways that you can use Microsoft PowerPoint other than just as a presentation tool.

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