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How to download Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint is the worlds most popular presentation software. Included in the Office suite. People often ask how do you download Microsoft PowerPoint.

Before you download , you will need to purchase the software. At this present moment in time you cannot purchase PowerPoint as a standalone product, you need to buy it as part of the MS Office suite. You can easily purchase Office 365 here. You can buy a year license or you can buy a rolling monthly license. The choice truly is yours.

Once you have purchased Microsoft Office.  It is time to download.

Download Microsoft PowerPoint

Once you have purchased the Office suite, you will have to download the Microsoft Office .exe file, this will automatically download Microsoft PowerPoint. This will allow you to install the file on your machine.

Step One

Download Microsoft PowerPoint
Office Homepage

Visit Once you have visited, sign in with your Microsoft account details. Make sure you use the same log in details that you used to purchase the Office suite

Step Two

Once you have signed into Office online, you will have access to all of the standard office online apps. Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc. But this is not what we are after. In the top right corner of the screen you will see ‘Install Office’, Press this button to start a download of the .exe file.

Office download
Online Office Portal

Once you click on the Install Office button, you will be redirected to another office page. This page will tell you how many machines you have Office installed on. When it was installed and you can also deactivate a machine. Press on the Install button. You will not miss it. It is the big orange one.

Office Install Page
Pop Up: Nearly there…

After pressing the install button a pop up will appear. This pop up just advises you what you should be doing next. But don’t worry, that is what this guide is for. once the file has downloaded proceed to the next step (the length of this step will vary depending on your Broadband speeds).

Step Three

Next we need to install the file which was downloaded in the previous step.  On most computers these days all downloads go to the download folder. If you cannot find it in your downloads folder then your downloads may go elsewhere (if you have changed the default download folder then you will probably know where they go).

download file
Locate file in download folder

You will need to look for the following file withing the download folder. It will have the office logo and be called Setup.X86.en. Double click this to start the install process.


set up
Another pop up: Getting ready

Depending on how your machine is set up, you may have to accept user controls for Microsoft to make changes to your machine. Accept these. You will then get a pop up. This popup is only going to tell you to wait a moment, it is setting up the installer.


Once the installer is ready to go you will see another pop up appear. This time you will see a loading bar.

Finally Installing

The Office suite is finally being installed onto your machine. It really is exciting. As with the download this can take some time as the installer is pulling files form the cloud. For instance on my laptop it downloaded and installed within 15 minutes. But on my children laptop it took about double that. It is one of those things you have to be patient with. Once downloaded, open PowerPoint and create something awesome.



Download Microsoft PowerPoint – Completed

So there you have it folks an easy to follow three step process to download Microsoft PowerPoint.

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