graphic and images in powerpoint

Why you should be using graphics and images in PowerPoint

Why you should be using graphics and images in PowerPoint

Today we are going to look at why you should be using graphics and images in your slide decks.

Animals love colours. From bulls to monkeys, frogs to birds. And this goes for the most successful animal on the plant too.

Yes, we humans love colours.

They make us feel. Love, hate and fear are just some of the emotions we are made to feel by colours. With colours, we can recognise danger hence why danger signs are always red. We are controlled by colours. Don’t believe me, what do you do when you come to a red traffic light, what do you do when it is green. Colours play a pivotal part in every aspect of our life.

When you combine colours, our senses go wild. And that is exactly what a graphic is. It is a combination of colours formed into a recognisable pattern or object. Ranging from faces to animals, toys to foods. The possibilities are limitless. Only your imagination can hold you back.

Images are the same. A multitude of colours brought together to make a moment come back to life. To share a moment or to remember a moment.

Images also play an important role. Research has shown that people will remember 10% of information provided via talking. If then show somebody a picture of what you just said, the recall rate will go up to 65%. Scientists call this ‘multimodal learning’, images are processed in several channels as opposed to just one like speech.

Another term used is ‘multimedia principle‘ shows that a person will retain more from words and pictures as opposed to just words.

But why use graphics and images in PowerPoint

A picture is worth a thousand words. It is a saying that has been around as long as MS PowerPoint. It is also a saying that will not be going anywhere anytime soon. And there is a very good reason for that.

Pictures offer details, they allow people to join in on a moment. They can bring any moment to life.

Below you can see two slides. Each of these slides say the same thing but one is with words while the other is with a picture. Which one feels more compelling to you? Which one do you feel drawn to?

Graphics and Images in PowerPointGraphics and Images in PowerPoint

When you give a presentation. You want people to remember what it is you had to talk about. You want your audience to walk away and remember. Pictures allow you to make people feel so much more than words ever will. Use pictures to complement what it is you have to say.

You want your audience to feel the passion about your topic just as much as you do. To walk out of the room feeling joy, feeling sad, feeling angry or feeling hungry. You want them to feel alive.

Some of the greatest keynotes and presentations have been because of how the presenters combined their words with images on a slide.

Steve Jobs was a tremendous presenter.

When the iPhone was very first released Steve Jobs stood on stage with a black screen behind him. He started by saying that this year Apple were going to release three revolutionary products. He then went onto display each single product on the screen behind him. While saying each one as he went along. Eventually leading on to the point that he says these are not individual devices but one device.

You can watch the iPhone release right here on YouTube.

And that is why you should be using graphics and images in PowerPoint.

How to use graphics and images in PowerPoint

Like anything else too much of something can be overkill. Too much chocolate is bad for you, too much fruit is bad for you. The same goes for graphics and images. It is ok to use images on every slide, from start to finish. But you don’t want more then one per 2-3 max per slide. And if you are only talking about one topic per slide without comparison, one image is enough.

Graphics work in a similar way but you can use more.

When adding images and graphics to a slide you need to make sure you are giving them the attention that they need. There are plenty of ways to do this. As in the pictures above you can make the image fit the whole slide and then place your text in a key area. You can use colours, textures and borders around your image to make it stand out more. From the images below you can see that I have used the same picture but each format makes the picture stand out in a different way.

Example One

Example Two

Example Three




You can learn more about using shadows from our article on Why you should be using shadows.

The end is nigh

We have come to end of our article on why you should be using graphics and images in PowerPoint. We hope that you have found it useful. If you would like to read anymore of our content then you can do so straight from the articles page.

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