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8 Benefits of eLearning

Welcome back to PowerPoint Training Online. In this week’s blog post I would like to discuss e-learning. Moreover, I would like to discuss the benefits of eLearning.

Should we forsake traditional training methods and just concentrate on e-learning? These are just some of the questions we are going to take a look at in this post.

Before we start

This is article is not designed to try and kill classroom learning or as an outright attack. I believe e-learning and classroom learning can sit alongside each other in harmony. You can utilise both to benefit each other and help your group of trainees get the best of both worlds

E-Learning has taken a massive rise over the past twenty years. It is a way for businesses to reach their entire organisation. Every employee, from the top to the bottom. You can use the same content and material for everybody. You can easily report on it. And you can have it online for all eternity.

I believe that eLearning is worth it. It is worth spending extra time and money to create eLearning content. Here is a short list as to why I think eLearning is worth it:

  1. You can track it and report on it easily
  2. It can be evergreen (last forever)
  3. Everybody can access it
  4. It can be accessed anywhere
  5. It can be kept online for reference
  6. Better for the environment
  7. Saves money
  8. It can be interactive

8 Benefits of eLearning

#1. You can track it and report on it easily

One of the biggest benefits of elearning for me is that it is easily tracked. As long as you have set it up right, reporting becomes automatic. This is a huge time saver and it also allows you to get instant feedback so you know what is working or not working. 

Then using programs like Microsoft Excel you can build awesome reports with the data. Which can then be shared with management, colleagues and anybody that has an interest in your training?

#2. It can be evergreen (last forever)

As long as the content is appropriate, then you can leave the training material live and there all the time. You never need to remove it. You can create the material once and then leave it there to be used whenever it is required

#3. Everybody can access it

Another of the more useful benefits of eLearning is that you can have it online and available for everybody to see. This means no more booking rooms, no more arranging furniture, and no more having o deal with different peoples schedules. 

ELearning can be accessed anywhere and by whoever you wish. Drivers on the road, home workers, and people on holiday.

#4. It can be accessed anywhere

Very much like the previous point, elearning modules can be accessed from anywhere in the world. This is great if you find that you have colleagues that are not usually in the office, people like drivers and on the road salespeople. Or if you are in charge of the training for a big retail empire it can be an easy way to get content out to each store. Instead of having to visit each one.

#5. It can be kept online for reference

The beauty of eLearning is that it does not have to be the whole part of the training. You could use an eLearning portal or material like a knowledge base. Using the eLearning modules as a reference point for people in the future. 

This is something I use so that when I train a group of people, they will have content and material to look back on if they forget something. 

#6. Better for the environment

This is not the type of benefit that you would usually think of. But if you are using eLearning then you are creating content that is better for the environment. There is no need for paper as it is all online. If you have a team of delivery drivers around the country, it would be really bad for the environment to get them all to drive to the one location. Allowing them to complete any training via an eLearning portal would reduce down the hassle and the carbon emissions.

#7. Saves money

You can save money in a multitude of ways if you use eLearning. You can cut down on the cost of wages as you will not need as many trainers to deliver the content. One person can create the material, upload and engage with people. 

You also don’t need to pay out for expensive materials such as boards, stationery, course materials, and accommodation/travel.

#8. It can be interactive

ELearning can be made up of anything. It is not just a word game anymore. You can use videos, images and gamification to help people learn. All of these can be used easily within eLearning.

When you build in reporting and share the results with the people that are learning, it can lead to competition. Amongst individuals, teams and even departments or regions. This helps people to strive to make sure their team are better, this then increases the learning rate. 

Conclusion – 8 Benefits of eLearning

The 8 benefits of eLearning brought to you by PowerPoint Training Online, well what we think are the benefits of eLearning. So what di you think, can you think of a different benefit or do you feel it is a complete waste of time. Let us know in the comments below. 

Or you can always reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. We are always online and happy to chat. 

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