Affiliate Policy

Welcome  back guys, David here again. I would like to touch on how we make some of our money.

Affiliate links.  For anybody that might not know what an affiliate link is, let me explain.

An affiliate link is a link to a product or service, that when clicked and/or purchased will provide PT.O a small payment.

As mentioned before, PowerPoint Training.Online believes in complete transparency on the Web.  We have no issues telling people that we are members of affiliate programs and that is one of the ways in which we make our money. However there are a few caveats when it comes to our affiliate policy.

  1. We only ever affiliate ourselves with companies, products or people who we feel will make your life better. If that cannot be achieved then we will not recommend them. Period.
  2. The products/services that we recommend have been tried and tested by ourselves and they are used on a regular if not daily basis to aid us in the running of our website.
  3. Some recommendations may seem unrelated to what we do here at PowerPoint Training.Online, the reason for that is we want to share all helpful resources with you. Not just those related to training or PowerPoint.  
  4. One of our core values as a team is that we believe in living green and making a difference to other people’s lives. We will never affiliate ourselves with any person or product who does not meet our expectations

On top of the above you should assume that if we have linked to an outside product/ service then we may have an affiliate attachment to them. We may not be affiliated but we may forget to mention it on occasion.